How To Enable “Click To Play” For Plug-ins And Flash In Google Chrome

Step – 1 : First, open a new Chrome window and enter “about:flags” into the URL bar and hit “Return”.

Step – 2 : Now, scroll down until you see “Click To Play” and enable the feature.

Step – 3 : Then, relaunch Chrome.

Enable "Click To Play" for Plug-ins and Flash in Google Chrome web browser (1)

Step – 4 : After that, enter Chrome Preferences either through the Chrome menu or by going to “chrome://settings” in the URL bar.

Step – 5 : Now, click on “Under The Hood” and after that click on “Content Settings”.

Step – 6 : Finally, alongside “Plug-ins”, you’ll see a newly enabled “Click To Play” option, choose that.

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